Adidas Newton Heath Trainers For Sale

Adidas Newton Heath were released late last year (for sale in December 2018) in the UK. They were made to pay homage to Manchester United Football Club to remember where the club originated from back in the late 1800's. It was first Newton Heath FC, but then became MUFC in the early 1900's. And a few years after the name change they relocated to Old Trafford. The rest, as they say, is history.

Looking rather similar to Adidas Ardwick X, although a much lighter in colour but just as smooth to the touch (soft suede), the green, black and gold Newton Heath were released in limited quantities. Only 1200 were released, making them a 1/1200 limited edition. They have some cool little features, such as the little devil logo and "EST 1878" at the back of each ankle, and a map of Newton Heath in the soles.

If you weren't fortunate to grab a pair at the time they were officially released, you won't be surprised to discover that there are quite few pairs up for sale online in 2019. They range in price from £190 right up to £400 (UK). They were originally £90 to buy, but resale prices obviously will be higher. A nice pair for the collector, Adidas fan, or MUFC fanatic.

Red Yellow White Adidas SL-72 Trainers

Retro Adidas SL 72 in a superb red / burgundy, bright yellow, white and grey colour way. The uppers are finished with the classic vintage mix of suede and nylon, and the tongue is bubbled with tiny little pin sized holes. This is all part of the standard classic SL72 design. Not many pairs of this particular style are left. Sizes are also limited. Whats left: UK 9.5, UK 10 and UK 11.

Red Yellow White Adidas SL-72 Trainers

Straight out the Seventies

These trainers were made for running back in the Seventies, and they would still be good for that purpose even today in 2018 (In good weather). But these days most people buy them as a vintage style, everyday wear casual trainer. And for that they are perfect. They are also quite cheap at around £45. Another superb deal out there at the moment, is the SL-72 M25726 (black and neon green), which are just £35! in adult sizes UK 8.5 and UK 9.5. That's a super bargain.

Adidas ZX750 Blue/White Navy Trainers

Adidas ZX750 Blue/White Navy Trainers. The Adidas ZX series of trainers are one of the more elusive pairs of Adidas to pick up in your desired colour or size. And if you do happen to find the pair you want they are usually quite expensive costing between £65 - £115. It's easy to see why they are so hard to obtain. The Adidas ZX series of trainers are some of most well made, colourful, and comfortable Adidas trainers to come through in quite some time. Regarding the price being expensive, saying that, recently they have dropped significantly in price and can be found on eBay UK brand new for very cheap.

Adidas ZX750 Blue/White Navy Trainers

They mould to the wearers foot shape very quickly and fast feel at one with the wearers feet. Many people who buy these trainers report the ZX as their favourite pair of trainers to wear. We are specifically talking about the ZX700, ZX750, ZX800, ZX850 models. Some of the other ZX series are nothing like the above mentioned models of trainer. As a result they are not at the same level quality and comfort wise. And they look nothing like the pairs talked about here.

Adidas ZX750 are very well made trainers. As a result they last a long time. They have Adidas signs in various places not seen on many pairs, such as embossed into the sides of the outer soles. Adidas ZX uppers are mostly made from Suede and Nylon, quite similar to the old Adidas Torsion. This gives them a slightly retro look. Especially in certain colourways, like Brown (ZX700).

The Suede and Nylon mix was used a lot in the late eighties and nineties. Although some pairs that use the same material combination, such as the black pairs, look quite futuristic and up to date. The pair pictured, the light Blue ZX750 are one of the pairs that do carry the retro appeal depending on what clothing they are worn with. Adidas ZX750 go really well with jeans and casual clothing, but they also look great with sports clothing. They are suitable for sports activity's and general everyday wear. A size bigger is recommended for a perfect fit as they do come a bit on the small side.

Green & Orange Adidas Samba Super

Green and Orange Adidas Originals Samba Super Trainers. Check out this beautiful green (Fairway green) and Orange (Sunshine Yellow - Looks more orange) Adidas Samba Super colour way. Coming to you in the original retro Adidas Samba design with the big tongue. They are not the rarest colour way but still make a nice change to most of the other more common colour ways out there for sale. See below.

Green & Orange Adidas Samba Super

Terrace Football Retro 70's footwear

The uppers are made of suede. They are not cheap. They are available in sizes UK 7 - UK 9. They are being sold at auction by sports outlet on eBay, who have excellent feedback, and also have many other great pairs of trainers for sale, including other pairs of Adidas Samba. Be sure to check out their other items.

Super Rare Adidas Holiday For Sale

This is your chance to grab a pair of super rare brand new Adidas Holiday trainers. These are extremely hard to find online in brand new unworn condition. This pair were actually a sample as well, making them even more of a collectors item.

Adidas Holiday Sneakers

adidas originals-sample footwear

They have a shabby suede upper and a gum sole. They look grey in colour but they are actually a pale light Blue. It's very hard to find a brand new sample pair like this for sale. Although they certainly look it, they are not vintage, they are from 2005, so still a few years old. Great trainers. Not long left at auction (on eBay UK) so be quick. Update: Now sold.